[narrative] My Dad

I lost someone that I love 2 years ago, and that is the saddest part in my life.

On Friday’s night, someone brought a news that my father was hospitalized, because he was collapsed when he praying. Therefore, my mom and my grandma went to hospital. In the next day, my mom asked me to visit my father. I had to ignore it, because I don’t want to leave my study at school. Nevertheless, I confused, why others looked so worried, and finally I decided to go.

When I arrived in hospital, I saw my father’s condition. He was comma and in a danger situation. From that moment, I can’t stop crying and praying for him.

Monday’s morning, I was slept in my home when my family and my neighbors came to my home with tears on theirs eyes. They gave me news that I scare about it. My father died. For a moment I lost my mind, I can’t believe, and I cried for long time.

Finally, I understand that Allah love him very much more than everyone, and I believe that my father must be happy in Him side.


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