[narrative] Lost Phone

I was lost my phone 3 years a go, when I was in 11th grade of senior high school, but it came back again after I surrendered everything from the bottom of my heart.

I was a karate-ka that time, and I was a diligent one. Karate training was held in school’s hall after school time at 3 o’clock. One day, when training would be held, I was the first person who came to the hall. I waited for long time, but no one came. So, I decided to change the clothes with training uniform. Suddenly, my friend came and told to me that training was moved to school yard. With hurried, I ran to the yard without looked the situation in the hall. After training finished, I prepared for go home. When I would to use my phone, I realized that my phone wasn’t there. I had looked in my bag, but there was no phone. I panic and tried to remember where the last time I used the phone. I remembered that I had used it in hall. So, my friends and I tried to looked my phone in hall, but in fact my phone is no there too. Finally, I surrendered and tried to devote myself sincerely.

When I would go home and stopped the public car, someone came with hurried. He was the security’s son. He told me, when he played in hall, he had found the phone, and saved it. So, he invited me to saw the phone. In fact, it was really my phone, and finally he returned it to me again. I was so happy, thankful to Allah and gave a thousand thanks to him. Finally, I arrived at home with a great feeling.

From that moment, I learn and believed until now that when we lost something, and we had give it up sincerely, Allah must be replaced it.


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